Do you have a project that requires a custom design – HUBLUX can make it for you!

Do you need a couch or chair to fit a specific space? – HUBLUX can make it for you!

Do you need a chair in a particular fabric?  – HUBLUX can make it for you!

Do you need 2 or 200 pieces of furniture for your apartment block in 3 weeks?  – HUBLUX can finish them!

At HUBLUX  our answer is always, “Yes, HUBLUX can!”

When buying furniture for your home, you want something unique that represents you and your family. It can be a challenge to find such designs in general furniture stores, where very limited colours and styles are usually offered. That is why HUBLUX’s custom designs are perfect for your family home / your office / your company,... or any projects.

At HUBLUX we custom make almost anything! Our staff include fully trained interior designers ready to assist you create your ideal furniture. We work with you to understand and realise your vision. At HUBLUX we use a wide range of top quality materials when creating custom designs, including but not limited to Athenian Marble, Stainless Steel, CeasarStone®  and Sapphire Glass. HUBLUX has custom designed everything, including bar tables, chairs, stools, entertainment units and dining tables to suit various interior styles. At HUBLUX we understand that furniture is a major investment and so it should be. HUBLUX designs its furniture to be long lasting and durable, we assure quality in our work and aim to design classic styles that add a level of sophistication to your home. Call or Visit us today, we’d love to help you complete your dream.

Custom Luxury Furniture Design

Out with the old and in with the new is appropriately applied to today’s furniture designs. There is a revolution in custom design that has evolved over the past half-century.

Why Custom Luxury Design Furniture?

Individualism is running high these days and that has spawned an entire realm of custom furniture design. It is likely that custom designed furniture is a gift from extremely creative designers who have studied this artistic craft and went on to develop their own unique creative talents.

Personal Style and Custom Luxury Furniture Design

Without a doubt, custom design furniture captures immediate attention for one reason: The buyers of these furnishings want a more personalized message of their furniture style. Customizing furniture design is not just about the style, it is also displaying personal vision. At HUBLUX we consider your style and vision while planning the interior design of your dream.

Custom Furniture Made with Solid Wood, Metal and Fabric

HUBLUX is the birthplace of superior custom furniture that has the innate capacity to transform any space. Whether you aim to refurbish your company’s conference room, or you are looking for high-end furniture for a distinct living room, each custom piece of HUBLUX furniture surpasses the expectations of design possibilities. 

Whether it’s our custom solid wood furniture, upholstered pieces produced with exclusive, in-house fabrics and leathers or custom pieces with a metal base and custom finish, HUBLUX furniture is the perfect amalgam of aesthetic appeal and functionality. From carefully selecting every piece of natural wood and fabric and leather we use to ensuring every calculation is accurate to the micrometer when engineering custom metal fittings, the utmost care is taken in each step of the design and construction processes. Because HUBLUX was founded on the idea of designing and creating with our clients’ visions in mind, the customer becomes a partner in the creation of each exclusive piece of furniture.

Custom Wood Furniture

Every furniture design process starts with an idea and, within about six to eight weeks, what was merely a concept will be transformed into an exquisite piece of high-end furniture. When our clients come to us with the desire to create a custom piece of furniture, we first spend time understanding their precise needs. After the conceptualization process, initial sketches are completed to get the ball moving. We then create customized 3D computer renderings to give a sense of the finished piece. After the design details are settled, we turn it over to the workshop to begin production. Through providing our clients with updated renderings of each custom piece, we involve them every step of the way, from concept to finished product.

High-end, Custom Solid Wood Furniture

Natural wood has an intrinsic beauty. Our philosophy is to retain the organic beauty of the wood slabs we use. Following HUBLUX’s philosophy that the sculpture is hidden inside the marble, we reveal the distinct creation inherent to each of our wood slabs.

One of our most sought-after design options is custom live edge design—a method and philosophy that maintains the natural edge of a piece of wood. Rather than tampering with the essential shape of the wood, we create custom live edge furniture that celebrates the beauty in the slab. The exquisite textures in the wood grain are revealed rather than concealed, and the distinguishing edge of the specific piece of wood is maintained.

Hardwood Species & Options for Custom Pieces

We offer a wide range of locally sourced natural wood options that each offer their unique style and texture. Working with family-owned lumber mills in Viet Nam, we ensure that each of the wood slabs used to create our custom solid wood furniture is ethically sourced and locally grown. For a variety of styles, we offer ebonized and bleached oak, as well as distressed maple. Whether you are looking to create a simple side table or more elaborate conference tables to adorn your office spaces, we will work with you to ensure that your custom solid wood furniture is ideal for space it will inhabit.


Custom Made Upholstered Furniture

With an exquisite selection of luxurious fabrics and superior leather, our in-house upholstery shop will provide the perfect finishing for your custom upholstered piece.

Work with Our In-house Fabric and Leather Specialists

HUBLUX’s in-house upholstery shop in Ho Chi Minh City specializes in fabrics and leathers. We carry stock fabrics and leathers to suit a variety of tastes and needs, including both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you’re looking for an upholstered sofa for your living room, custom leather chairs for your dining room or even a soft, fabric-covered headboard for your master suite, we’ll help you determine the right material for your custom pieces. We’ll even assist with selecting the appropriate fabric or leather for custom banquettes that will grace your restaurant’s lobby or your hotel’s foyer. In addition, we work COM if you would prefer to outsource the fabric or leather for your furniture. If you need assistance, we have relationships with several fine fabric and leather providers. We can also offer options in foam densities, pocket springs, hand-tied construction, and other upholstery methods.


Custom Furniture with Metal, Stone & Glass

The excellence of our custom furniture design goes beyond our woodwork. Through the expert use of stone, metal, and glass, we ensure that every custom piece of furniture built in HUBLUX is finished with the same artistry and attention-to-detail we are known for. 

By involving our clients in every step of the furniture design process, the end product is the perfect coming together of collaboration, artistry, and sophistication. Because no two wood slabs are alike and the needs of every client are different, every piece that comes out of HUBLUX is distinctive.